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  • 40 minute massage $75
    The perfect amount of time for pre or post event as well as very specific spot work. 40 minutes will allow enough time to properly address one region. If this is your first time at Arbor Vitae a one hour massage would be ideal.
  • 60 minute massage $105
    This is a full body therapeutic massage, or spot work in a number of areas. The type of work will depend on your massage goals.  This massage is ideal for your first visit as it is used to seek out imbalances and get an idea of how your body functions. 
  • 75 minute massage $125
    This is ideal for a full body massage with one or two areas of focus. Spot work is incorporated as well as cleansing techniques to address your entire body. Seventy five minutes will generally allow enough time for stubborn problem areas to release. 
  • 90 minute massage $160
    This massage is great for a full body tune up. Ninety minutes allows enough time to address a number of areas in detail. If you have two or more stubborn problem areas, this massage will be able to address them, and allow extra time to properly cool them down so you don't feel them so much the next day.
  • Kinesiology Tape Application $20
    Proper application of kinesiology tape can relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, and help manage muscle spams and cramping on a temporary basis. The tape can last 4 to 8 days and will stay on even through showers. If you are using it for swimming or other water sports, please let me know so I can provide you with tape that has even more stick power that the standard tape.



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